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tall ships charleston

techniques are something that has interested John greatly in his work. Watercolour in particular suits his interest in detail.
The gradual building up layers of colours, bringing form into the composition, whilst keeping a light freshness to the colours, is a tricky balance to get right.

Traditional compositions also interest John who has been studying the masters and bringing his own interpretation into his work.







Below, the light coming through the clouds in“Breezing Down the Clyde" has a wee nod to Turner with a sense of a windy day. 
The frothiness of the waves in the foreground reinforcing the impression of a brisk wind.

"Tall Ships at Charleston"
breezing down the clyde
"Breezing Down the Clyde"
fishing nets east beach nairn
This now lost traditional way of fishing salmon has been brought back to life in this painting. 
The idea is taken from a reference photo of East Beach, Nairn many moons ago. 
It shows nets set up in a complicated
pattern in the shallows. 
In the foreground nets have been hung up to dry in the sun.
"Fishhing Nets East Beach Nairn"
river annick
"River Annick"
In the “River Annick” the attention to detail of the dried out Giant Hog Weed in the foreground give this painting
a sense of scale and distance. 
The seed heads are as large as the trees in the background mirroring them.
portencross castle
"Portencross Castle"
croy shore
"Croy Shore"
Below moody skies in “Croy Shore” and “Portencross Castle”.
“Culzean from Croy Shore” Illustrating the interesting rock formations along that coastal walk.
culzean castle
"Culzean Castle from Croy Shore"
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