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lunchtime in havana
colours are what strike you most about John’s paintings of places visited further afield.
Here’s a lively acrylic of a street in Havana, the looser, brighter style conveys the heat of the Cuban cityscape in the mid-day sun.
"Lunchtime gossip in Havana"
moroccan memories
"Moroccan Memories"
marrakech soak
moroccan market
bakery havana
hill village
This unconventional composition is a playful painting showing the joy of being on the beach on a sunny summer holiday. The patterns and shapes the umbrellas make against the bright blue sky make for a striking painting. Rich primary colours add to the vibrancy.
"Marrakesh Carpet Soak"
"Moroccan Market"

A sense of rustic charm is introduced here with the stylisation of the architecture of this charming old bakery in Havana. It looks rather precarious in this composition adding to what makes Cuba interesting, much has stayed the same for decades.
Here, people are queuing for bread.
A rather hungry looking dog in the foreground.

Finally in “Hill Village” below the use of diagonals in the shapes of the rooftops adds to the drama of height achieved in this watercolour of a hilltop Village in Sicily. You, the viewer feel you are clinging to the hillside like the town. Nod to Arthur Melville with the colour choices. Mediterranean heat.

"Cuban Bakery Havana"
"Hill Village"
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